#reallifestory Juanita & Darryl’s Weight Loss Journey

Juanita and Darryl are an inspiring couple who decided that their weight loss journey would be a commitment that both of them would make together. Losing weight alone is tough but when you have support it can make things a lot more motivating with a touch of healthy competition thrown into the mix too!

Juanita, started using iLiveLite’s weight loss programe and weight loss medication about 2 years ago. “At first I was weary of the product, as I have tried other products and they never seem to give the results advertised” she says, however a push from her GP who advised that weight loss was critical to her health as she was Insulin Resistant, gave her a gentle nudge in the weight loss direction. “This was easier said than done…” she admits “… as I work long hours and often get home feeling exhausted. There was simply no time or energy for exercise”.

She consulted with a new GP when she moved areas and he advised the same thing, losing weight was essential to her health. After going through the pros and cons of the various weight loss products, they agreed what weight loss medication would be the best option for Juanita. This was the last resort and push she needed and she says “I haven’t looked back since”. “I am not the most disciplined person when it comes to health” she says however she knew that she had to make a big change in order to live a healthy lifestyle and with a little help she achieved some BIG RESULTS! “I lost 17 kg!”

The benefits that came along from losing the weight FAR outweighed the “bad food cravings”. Waking up with more energy, and feeling rejuvenated every morning to get up and go to work was something completely new and exciting!

Darryl who supported Juanita along her journey was so inspired by her progress that a year later he consulted with his GP. All the information was discussed pertaining to the product and after a 3 month prescription, he was 12 kg’s lighter too! “I did not only lose the 12 kg’s, but I have managed to keep them off!”. “To anyone wanting to lose weight and be able to see results, I would recommend this weight loss medication”.

It wasn’t only his energy that was boosted but his self-confidence too. “…getting on that scale and seeing a result just made me want to work harder towards my goal.” It is a lot more motivating to stay on track when you are seeing the results from your hard work!

“We would gladly recommend that you speak to your doctor about this medication as it is a really simple, no mess, no fuss solution to easy weight loss”.

For more information, speak to your healthcare provider and visit www.ilivelite.co.za.

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