Real Life Weight Loss Story – Leanne Bentley

Hi, I am a 38-year-old mom and pre-school owner looking for weight loss.

I woke up on the 23rd of September last year, tired of having sore knees. I also struggled with plantar fasciitis and was frustrated that my weight had slowly crept on through the years.

It started when I had my kids and just like many other moms out there my lifestyle changed in a big way, taking care of myself was not my priority. I tried and failed at many diets and the weight seemed to keep increasing until that day when it really hit me

how much weight I had put on and how it was affecting me.

I had heard about iNova’s weight loss medication but had wanted to try to lose weight alone but my efforts had not been successful. I decided to make an appointment to see my doctor that day. That was a huge turning point in my life.

I started my medication and got quick results at first which was just what I needed to stay motivated. I was extremely thirsty which meant I drank loads of water which sped up the process too. As the weeks went on, I fitted into clothes I had kept hanging in my cupboard with their tags on that I never thought I would wear. I also gained more energy which motivated me, even more, to go for a walk with my kids, something l hadn’t had the energy to do for a long time. I was starting to see that taking care of myself should be a priority. It was important to my family that I was healthy and happy.

iNova’s weight loss medication is not a quick fix and you cannot just carry on eating the way you were, that will not work. That was why I was overweight. I had skipped breakfasts and drank three spoons of sugar in my many cups of coffee. With my new found motivation I saw these benefits and for the first time, I wanted to give my body the right things it needed. I cut out sugar completely, started eating a healthy breakfast and healthy carbs and also only consumed fruit in the morning. I drink lots of water and have a high protein lunch, biltong or a small snack in the afternoon and salads or veg for supper.

The best part was that iNova’s weight loss medication gave me the energy I had not had in years. I started walking on my treadmill at home and lifting small weights. It became routine and I realized how much I loved exercising and how great I felt afterwards.

I lost 24kg in nine months and had planned to lose another 16kg. Unfortunately, I gained back about 10kg over 2018 and 2019 largely due to not taking the time and putting myself first once again. It’s easy to get stuck in a rut and slowly make less time to exercise and prep meals. I began to re-organise the feelings of the past that being overweight had brought me. The lack of energy led to a lack of motivation and bad eating habits.

In March 2020 I realised I had to get back on track and back into my fitness routine. I knew that there would always be external factors contributing to my excuses to not lose weight but I had a choice and in a year where everything felt out of control, I knew this was something I could control.

I again approached my GP for assistance in prescribing the prescription weight loss medication from iNova. I also like to have the reassurance that she is monitoring my health and I am not trying fad diets.

This time I was all in and wanted to make it my goal to maintain this lifestyle so I looked for all the support I could find, I used the iLiveLite website where they share tips and advice as well as delicious recipes, you can log your goals and track your BMI. Seeing my results on record added even more motivation. I also joined the Facebook community where I could see other ladies, just like me supporting each other.  I now walk when as I can and lost 10kg between March and November 2020.

I may have relapsed for a while, but I found the come back so rewarding knowing I could take control of my weight loss.

I think it is important to be kinder to ourselves.

In 2020 I made the decision to focus on getting healthy rather than thin. I did not want to miss out on things due to my weight anymore.

I can now do the things I haven’t attempted in years. I feel fitter and healthier and back on track and most of all confident enough to share my story and hope others will find some inspiration through my weight loss journey.

My goal for 2021 is to continue in my weight loss journey while focusing on being as active as I can be. I find wearing a fitness tracker really works and I do whatever I can to meet my daily step goal. I am a work in progress and cannot wait to feel what the end goal will feel like!

Thanks to iNova’s weight loss medication for getting me on this track.

A healthy lifestyle means I can spend happier days with my family doing more and feeling great. Leanne Bentley